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Welcome to YogaEnTenerife

We all have the birth rigth for paece, freedom and joy.


Tenerife Yoga Holidays:

Come and join an experience that will allow you to take a break from your bustling daily life, get inspired, and develop multiple skills which will immensely empower you in your daily life. This yoga holiday will definitely expand your vision and understanding towards life, enhance your enthusiasm, motivation, and commitment. The package is designed for you to deeply enjoy relaxation and tranquility. It consists of enjoyable yoga and meditation sessions, as well as the chance to enjoy the stunning surroundings, comfortable weather, and the pristine beaches of Tenerife Island.


  • Daily yoga classes
  • Guided walking tours
  • Dynamic meditation sessions
  • Campfires with dance celebration
  • Amazing weather and beaches
  • Brunch and dinner everyday
  • 7 nights accommodation

The therapeutic experience of the team members, will give support in order to release from any physical, mental or emotional discomfort and this will allow you to feel yourself in peace, relaxation and serenity.

With the help of breathing practices, going into meditation, we use the vibration power of sound as mantras to expand our consciousness. This is the moment where the clarity should come spontaneously and effortlessly. Doubts are dispelled and understanding arises.
The physical practice of yoga-asanas helps us in aligning with the body, making it comfortable to meditate. It also fulfills other functions such as energy balance, toxins purification, physical strengthening, concentration and mental serenity. On other group practices we do emotional clearing of past traumas, and then we organize our objectives and goals in life and extend our love capacity. All this takes place in a space of beauty, with rich and healthy food and in the company of people with similar interests. Friends with whom is a pleasure to go for a walk, swim in the sea or enjoy an inspiring talk with someone who seems knew you before.

Personal Experince: Baldesca, from Aragon

“It was an amazing privilege to spend a few days among people who enrich your life so much.

I’m taking with me pure life. A beautiful place, peace, tranquility, nature, asanas with the first morning sun, food, exercise at sea, mantras on the sunset, practices in the forest, first experiences with my mind, sharing, positive energy, serenity, beauty everywhere, a lot of learning and much more. Ahh I forgot, the moon and the donkey, have also contributed to my enrichment and happiness.

I felt very comfortable! As a beginner, now when there is nothing and there is an incredible world to learn I definitely want to keep experimenting. I know this is just the beginning and will come back for more!”