mindfulness retreat

8 Days Yoga and mindfulness to reconnect with your inner truth in Tenerife


We invite you to a transformational experience using the tools of the ancient science of Yoga, creative movement and dance, interpersonal coaching, modern psychology and meditation. To set you on the path of perfect health, wisdom and success. Full of relaxation, deep healing meditations, healthy food, time in nature, and guidance for an inspired and purposeful life.
Rest, enjoy the sun, swim in the sea of a wild volcanic land, walk in nature and be welcomed by the warm nature of Tenerife island. Land of eternal spring.
Enjoy the nourishing vegetarian lifestyle and learn more about healthy habits and nutrition.
Wish your heart blossoms here with us


  • Teachings on inner mastery, breathwork and healing science
  • Creative Dance & Authentic Movement laboratory
  • Compassion, selfcompassion, forgiveness and valued based workshops
  • Guided Meditation sessions for Self awakening
  • Emotional and mental detox for balance and peace
  • Hiking trails to merge with nature and connect with the elements
  • Daily yoga lessons from different styles
  • Healthy vegetarian meals with full board
  • 7 nights accommodation

We will stay in the south semi desert side of Tenerife island in a natural and rural environment. A typical  Canarian house made of wood and stone called Vera de la Hoya. It is only 15 minutes drive from the airport and also 15 minutes from the Sea, where you have a renowned spot for kitesurfing and wild beaches, El Médano. In a very peaceful environment, situated near San Miguel de Abona village. A place that preserves the slow motion lifestyle. The house is connected to a few trekking paths nicely imbedded within the web of “caminos reales” (royal pathways). It has plenty of openair areas to relax and contemplate, as well as a pool and sunbathing area.


In our programs we create a family enviroment to discover the jewel hidden within each one of us, the seed of divinity.

We are learning the ancient science of the yoga of immortals, on how to keep your body fully healthy and recover from any inbalance. The yogic wisdom on how to rise your conciousness through meditation to release the obstacles on your path.

Working with creativity and joy to share a lifelong experience in human development and spiritual awakening. We know each other for 20 years  where we have worked and studied non stop with the human condition. We put our heart and tools to make this week, an unforgettable and transformational experience.

All of this while enjoying the most beautiful and inspiring spots of this ever spring paradise in Atlantic Ocean. Tenerife island.

You are welcome to join this journey to ecstasy

Yoga Holidays day-to-day program

Day 1

*17:00 Reception and accommodation

*18:00 Roundtable, briefing, and presentations

*19:00 Dinner and rest

Day 2

*08:30 Yoga and meditation (introducing the different healing levels day by day)

*10:00 Breakfast

*12:00 – 13:30  ACL (Awareness, Courage and Love)- Interpersonal Mindfulness.

We will start by getting more present for each other, warming up our hearts to cultivate affection and getting in contact with our most conscious version. Playfulness will always be welcome.

*14:00 Free time to go to beach or town (picnic packed lunch is provided)

*18:00 Evening soft yin yoga

*19:30 Dinner

*18:30 Evening vyayam warrior meditative yoga
*20:00 Dinner
*21:30 Silent meditation with Tibetan bowls (optional) or film

Day 3

*08:30 Yoga and meditation (introducing the different healing levels day by day)

*10:00 Breakfast

*12:30 Excursion with a picnic outside, hike, and beach

*18:00 Introduction to Self massage workshop

*19:00 Self compassion excersize and dynamic.

*20:00 Dinner

Day 4

*08:30 Authentic movement workshop

*10:00 Breakfast

*11:30 Free time (rest, beach, massages and therapies)

*18:00 Yogasanas and mantras chanting

*19:00 Dinner

*21:30 Silent meditation with Tibetan bowls (optional) or film

Day 5

*08:30 Kriya yoga and meditation (chakra activation )

*10:00 Breakfast

*12:00 Hike in the forest and picnic outside with ACL focused on forgiveness.

*18:30 Evening vyayam warrior meditative yoga

*20:00 Dinner

Day 6

*08:30 Yoga session with pranayama for longevity. Also possibility of cacao ceremony

*10:30 Brunch

*11:30 Free time (rest, beach, massages, and therapies)

*13:30 Excursion to natural reserve by the ocean. Interpersonal effectiveness workshop during the afternoon, and joyful mindfulness practices.

*18:00  Dance Journey through  Emotions and perspective taking.

*20:00 Dinner

Day 7

*08:30 Kundalini Yoga

*10:30 Brunch

*11:30 Going out of the head and into your life: A workshop in clarifying values and going towards what really matter.

*17:00 Flow yoga and mantra chanting (or “temazcal”: traditional sweatlodge)

*19:00 Dinner

*21:00 Dance celebration (music and dance around the fire)

*21:00 Dance celebration (music and dance around the fire)

Day 8

*08:30 Yoga Flow and Tandav meditation (movement meditation practice to awake natural joy from within)

*10:30 Breakfast-brunch

*11:30 Free time and farewell

A nutritive and healthy breakfast after morning practice and a delicius picnic lunch to take with us, will give us the freedom to make excursions, spend the day on the beach or enjoy as we prefer. We will have a delicious vegetarian menu by our excellent cook. Also fruits and drinks will always be available at all times. Let us know if yu have any alergies or intolerances. We will make our best to provide the best meals for you.


  • Treking in Montaña Pelada natural monument, a lovely landscapae by the beach, to find a hidden swimming spot.
  • Teide national park, volcanic land hiking
  • Exploring the pine forest and valleys in Ifonche
  • Boat trip along the cliffs of Los Gigantes with dolphins and whales
  • A visit to El Medano town and beach (windsurf paradise) and hiking to Montaña Roja (90 min)

The deeper benefits of this retreat

  • Enter into your natural space of peace and easiness
  • Learn to connect with the divinity within you
  • Take the path of inner discovery and healing
  • Explore the yoguic science of awakening
  • Take an introduction to thai-yoga massage
  • Empower the temple of your physical body

You have a body, this body is not you
You have a mind, this mind is also not you

You are the master, the healer, the Soul. Learn this and the entire Universe is at your feet.

Come and learn with us the science for perfect health, abundance and holistic wellbeing

Learn to connect with the divinity, ever truthfull essence that guides you and feel at home with yourself

Our program is design to take you into a deep understanding of the yoguic science and guide you through an inner discovery.

My personal intention is to transmit this flame that has been awakened within me so that you shine as the carrier of divine light. Providing happines, healing and peace all around wherever you are.

If you feel the call for such a porposfull akawening for the benefit of all the humanity, please join us.


  • Week from ……………………….2020
  • Dates to come soon, request your preferred dates


Week holiday of 7 nights, 8 days:

  • 865€ – shared triple room 1 person
  • 985€ – shared double room 1 person
  • 1810€ – shared double room 2 pax
  • 1175€ – private room
  • 80€ extra night accomodation only (request availability)


  • All yoga classes, lessons and workshops scheduled.
  • All meals (3 per day, breakfast, lunch pic-nic for tours and dinner)
  • Fruit and teas available 24 hours.
  • Accommodation
  • Use of internet facilities, gardens and common areas.
  • Programmed excursions


  • Fligh tickets,
  • Individual therapies (massage, healing or other personilized treatments. see the offer))
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Travel insurance


Request more information and availability in next link. Booking is made by deposit of 400€ per participant by bank transfer refundable untill 25 days before the begining of the program. Once you make the payment you will receive a confirmation with your booking details. The rest of the payment will be made on arrival.

Booking Request

You can also send e-mail to adayisidro@yogaentenerife.com Or calling and wassap to:+34 636031139 Anahata (Aday) I will be happy to help you!

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