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Fire Woman, Sivananda Yoga teacher

She is a free soul and my inspiring mate walking the path of Unconditional Love. This yogini left home to learn yoga since her youth in India. Originally from Czech Republic she has followed her heart to a wild self-encounter. With vision quests, dark retreats, Vipassana, Toltec teachings and also sharing the path of true spirituality of Shiv Yog. This “Fire woman” (guardian of the sacred fire for the temazcal ceremonies) will lead you with her melodious voice into heart expansion.

Chetan Erbe

Dance therapyst

Fully immerged into Contact Improvisation Dance since 1999, Chetan is creating a space for free expression through movement. He is more than a dance therapist. Trained in Pedagogy in Germany, where he comes from, his quest has lead him to explore theater, martial arts and Tibetan pulse healing. He is simply Authentic. + info:

Ona Kaban

Medicine woman and Tensegrity teacher

A very rooted woman from Brazil, who shares the “shamanic” wisdom of the elements. She guides the Temazcal ceremonies (sweat-lodge) as a medicine to remember that we are dreaming this big dream we call Life. She masters the art of Kahlay or Toltec magical movements to become aware of our essence.

Simona & Giosue

Permaculture garden and veg. cook

This beautifull couple from Italy are adding a cuality touch to our meals with organic products collected from their own garden. With a lot of love and care they also invite us to visit their permacuture farm and see the result of love to mother earth. With local production of honey, herbs and veggies.

Barbara Stump

Spiritual healer

Gifted with the talent of spine healing, she has mastered the spiritual healing to align the spine without touching the patients; Barbara also uses Craneo-Sacral therapy to give a full treatment that makes people almost float in the air. She shares “From chanting into stillness”, a mantra singing workshop to enter in a circle of joy and presence.

+34 636031139 (also for wassap)

We provide our services at:


* Arona, Los Cristianos. C/Bulevard Chayofe, Nº6 – 1ºC. Tenerife (Next to Centro Cultural and Ofipapel)

Classes and workshops

* Adeje. C/ El Horno, Nº10 (Hacienda Cristoforo) Playa Paraiso. Tenerife