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  • Daily yoga sessions and workshops
  • Guided walking tours to explore natural jewels
  • Dynamic meditation sessions
  • Joyful dance celebrations
  • Eternal Spring weather and lovely beaches
  • Healthy food nourishing and balancing
  • Accommodation at the retreat venues
Joyfull dance celebration with Yoga en Tenerife

Come and join an experience that will allow you to breathe new fresh air, get inspired, and develop the capacity to empower your everyday life. This yoga holiday will definitely expand your vision and understanding of existence and enhance your enthusiasm, motivation, and commitment.

This program is designed for you to connect with your inner truth. It consists of enjoyable yoga practice, meditation sessions, selected excursions, and various workshops. All of that while enjoying the stunning surroundings, comfortable weather, and the pristine beaches of Tenerife Island.


  • Feeling lighter and at ease
  • certainty and direction in your life journey
  • connection with inner guidance
  • management of your own health and vitality
  • increase of energy and flexibility of body and mind
  • taking gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness, and love as the key to ascension

All this takes place in a unique and beautiful location, with nourishing and healthy food and the company of people with a commitment to evolve. Friends with whom is a pleasure to go for a walk, swim in the sea or enjoy an inspiring talk.

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A week to learn creating a beautiful existence

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Guided walking tours to
  • enjoy the best nature
  • Dynamic meditation
  • sessions
  • Campfires with dance
  • celebration
  • Amazing weather and
  • beaches
  • 3 meals daily, fruit, and tea
  • 7 nights
  • accommodation

With the practice, you will experience release from any physical, mental, or emotional discomfort and will allow yourself to feel peace, relaxation, and serenity.

Purifying your breath and energy with the ancient yogic practices, you will find it easy to go into deep meditation and awaken your intuition and healing potential.

The high vibrational frequency of the sacred sounds known as mantra yoga expands your consciousness. Then clarity appears spontaneously and effortlessly. Doubts are dispelled and understanding arises.

The physical practice of yoga-asanas helps us in aligning the body and attaining the strength and comfort to meditate. It also fulfills other functions such as energy balance, toxins purification, physical strengthening, concentration, and mental serenity.


You will have the opportunity to experience healing, joy, and expansion during our many workshops. Coming gradually at your own rhythm into the practices with the power of Yoga, that is giving strength, flexibility, and lightness to your body, clarity for the mind, and peace in your heart.

  • Detox program with the knowledge of Ayurveda (Vedic science of Life)
  • Healing with the power of the sound (Mantra)
  • Experience with different kinds of massages
  • Learning breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Guided meditations learning the chakra system and the elements
  • Therapeutic dance and spiritual singing (Sankirtan)
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Our Clients Reviews

“Anahat is a very gifted and giving teacher. The daily yoga/meditation classes and healing treatment took me on a journey…

Diana Hayes from England
  • Diana Hayes from England

“This yoga retreat has been an absolutely wonderful experience! I left Tenerife re-energised, full of positive vibes, and feeling extremely blessed. Anahat teaches truly from the heart and has so much knowledge

Carla from Belgium
  • Carla from Belgium

“I spent a very peaceful and relaxing week organized from Anahat. As a yoga beginner, I felt very thoughtful introduced to the…

Christian Nigg from Switzerland

  • Christian Nigg from Switzerland

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