Crazier than a shaman

A shaman will tell you that what you have been considering as impossible can be real. People go to a shaman because they want to change their reality. There is something that is causing them discomfort. A disease, a relationship, a work situation … Some aspect of their reality where they feel they can not stand it anymore have found a limitation. Naga-baba

The shaman is a madman. He is the one who believes that another reality is possible. Deep in his being no one understands. But he does not care. He does not really care about anything. He knows that there is nothing to understand or anyone to understand. He is committed to the abyss. He knows that emptiness from where any reality is possible. And if you approach him with humility, it is possible that he gives you that new reality that you want to experience. That is his power.

It’s a power we all have. Usually asleep. It is the quality of existence. We have to wake up.

Dare to be a shaman. Invite you to be a madman. Osho was crazy, Gurdieff was crazy, Jesus was crazy. His madness made them eternal

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