Amaroli. The medicine is within you

Amaroli or Shivambu Kalpa are yogic methods to regain perfect health.

This ancient practice now known as urine-therapy is practiced in secret by the yoguis, not only from India, but by other spiritual practitioners across the globe espiritual traditions.

Basically the urine is used as a regenerator.

This water of life, as some call it, is composed of water, hormones, enzymes and trace elements that can be retrieved for complete absorption. Also, urine works as a homeopathie or vaccine as it contains inactive invaders of the body.

The recommendations from the Damar Tantra, text from His Holiness Shankaracharya of Dwarka, are:

Collect the precious liquid in a vessel of clay
Avoiding spicy ingredients and salt on a light diet
Early morning collect the urine mid-stream. Discarding the first and last.
Shivambu is a divine nectar able to stop aging and other conditions
Wash face and mouth with clean water and then drink urine willingly
After a month the body is clean inside
after two months invigorates the senses
three months away sufferings and miseries
six months, displayed exceptional intelligence
seven months extraordinary strength
eight months, the body looks bright
ten months the treasure of intelligence and lucidity received
after a year, it takes n glow like the sun
with years of practice mastering the elements and overcome the ego
While urine is collected is recited: “Om Namah Bhairavaya Rhim Klim”
While baby is recited: “Om Namah Uddamaneshwaraya shrim Klim”
As urine passes “Sarvam Om Namah Sristhi Prabhae Rudraya” is recited
Boiling the urine until three quarters evaporate can be used to massage the entire body. Thus the yogi can overcome death.

All details of the practice is in the original text of “Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi” in the Damar Tantra. So also in these recommended books:

Guía práctica de la terapia urinaria, Coen den var Kroon
The water of Life, John W. Armstrong

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