Karmic healing. Purify awareness

God is “nirguna-nirakaar”, without qualities and formless. Pure light. Our primordial essence. The ocean of unmanifested consciousness . From there the manifest and unmanifested universe was created.

The primary light is an inexhaustible source with infinite intelligence and a yogui or a mystic learns through intense meditation (sadhana) and multiple discipline (tapas), guided by the grace of his Guru, to capture that essential energy to create . Hence the mystical powers of food multiplication or miracle cures.

In these times of clarity we are living of the galactic dawn, after a long period of darkness and ignorance (avidya), some teachers have the immense task of healing humanity.

I feel very privileged to share this grace and the gift received from my beloved Guru, Baba Avdhoot Shivanandji to whom i am infinitely grateful, for showing me the joyful path of awakening and giving me the means of leaving any misery to betray me to my infinite potentiality.

The Guru has bestowed upon me the grace of Sanjevani. Healing energy able to resolve karmic debts that keep us tied to endless cycles of cause and effect where as in a macabre film we perform victim and perpetrator and vice versa.

In the healing session, Sanjevani Shakti (energy healing)intelligence is unlocking the inconscious factors that persists in the form of negativity installed in any of our subtle bodies (etheric, astral, causal and supracausal).

When the pure Light of God (our true nature) through the filters of the subtle bodies, states and condenses this information into the dense third dimensional reality, our physical body and our daily reality is manifesteds. In this way, a lock on the free flow of energy can be condensed into a pathology in the physical body,or a block at the level of relationships, success or finance to name a few examples.

Sanjevani Shakti brings light to those negative patterns that are called psychic impressions, bringing them to consciousness where they are processed and released, allowing it to again reset the free energy flow. To unlocks at the root level, the source, brings release to psychosomatic diseases.

Physical sensations, images or other perceptions where you access the subconscious material (which represents more than 96% of our self-knowledge compared to 4% of the conscious mind) come up.

During the practice of healing the patient begins to make a circular breathing, breathing known as “beyond life and death” where the pauses between inhalation and exhalation are removed. This creates a pattern that allows the rational mind, one that functions in continuous and linear space-time, gradually ceased its activities to transit the eternal present where everything happens here and now. In this dimension, psychic impressions emerge and the conditions that cause undesirable situations manifest in the present moment to be released.

Meanwhile the therapist or healer is empowering via mantra chanting, the purest vibration, the Guru’s grace. Light higher vibration (Sanjeevani Shakti). This raises its primordial creative energy (kundalini), from individual consciousness to the field of cosmic consciousness, where healing is possible.

Through this sacred practice can be resolved situations that medical science fails to understand or give partial solutions. genetic diseases (responding to a shared family karma), autoimmune disorders or allergies, fertility problems, level locks relations where anger and unforgiveness are present or even short-sightedness or myopia among other cases.

Healing is more powerful in the physical presence of the healer as this can give precise instructions during the course of the session. Instead the constraints of third dimension, space and time are no limitations for the energy taht moves freely in the ocean of consciousness. That’s why you can perform distance healing.

Perfect health is our birthright.

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