The reward of a yogi

When the fruits of practice come, one can not but marvel at life.

We practice yoga because we love to be in close contact with life through our bodies and breathing. Because we want to be well present in the joyful exchange of life between beings. And of course the fruits appear.

The reward of this humble Yogi devoted to daily practice is to witness the sanction of the being who brought me into the world. Yes, my mother.

Since she came to live with me eight months ago she has lived a transformation day by day filled with joy the daily sharing not only with me and her grandson, but surprising everyone who has seen its process (now it is she who provides me Of new clients in the light of their example). He has left behind physical limitations and “non-powers”, his old life in the twilight of a parasitic relationship and even a psychosomatic illness that had dragged for 13 years.

Seeing her every morning enjoying the practice is a gift that inspires me. With the sound of the background mantras and after taking care of the many plants in the home and preparing a good morning tea for all, he gives himself to explore the dynamics of his body in the asanas and exercises.

Thanks to life for the infinite blessings.

Al la ho

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