Overcoming apathy

Apathy is a belief in a phrase “I can’t”. When someone thinks that nobody can help. This results in hopelessness, helplessness, pessimism, carelessness, confusion, isolation, loneliness, as well as in felling of emptiness inside you.

Apathy helps us to learn how to ask about help from other people. In a hopeless situation it always seems that nobody can help you.

More or less, apathy sometimes appears in different aspects of our lives. This is called a lack of life energy, when your mind is busy with such thoughts as: “This won’t work”, “I’m not ready”, “I’ve forgot”, “I’m too busy”.

To overcome apathy we should look into unconscious aspects of our lives. If you turn “I can’t” into “I don’t want to”, you will see the real reasons which have created this situation. In fact, there is no such thing which we can’t do.

Behind the phrase “I don’t want to” usually hides fear. But fear has much more energy than apathy. Therefore, fear can help us to become more courageous in relation to apathy.

In overcoming apathy process we should have courage to look in a face of our fear. Understanding of your own significance increases your self-esteem. This gives us even more energy to overcome our problems with confidence. Thanks to this, we learn compassion and the ability to encourage others by sharing our own experience.

We should remember that behind every “I can’t” there is always “I don’t want to” and this hides the fear of failure, shame or pride. It can also be anger to yourself or other circumstances caused by pride. We should overcome fear with the help of courage and love to yourself.

Apathy and depression are the results of resistance with something that is inside us. An inner voice urges us to evolve this instinct. But everyone has its’ own path and its’ own destiny. What they will choose depends only from them.

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