Tantra It …

Modern society is very attracted to Tantra. They are thinking, what is the next thing that is going to come to get me out of my routine ?, what am I going to enjoy now? And then the mind makes a journey through some experience of ecstasy and wants to repeat it. We have been told that Tantra gives that state. It really is that way. But if you approach tantra with this view from the mind, you’re going to be chasing the rabbit through the burrow as Alice in Wonderland totally confused.

It is very easy to be confused by the anxious mind of experiences. When, true tantra, is happening now as you read these lines.

Take a break. You’ll see what’s left …

If you’ve waited long enough your mind will tell you that you have not found anything. Empty. To that we can call it a fertile vacuum. It is the space where only you are. More authentic. More conscious.

Maybe you still can not understand it. It’s what your mind will tell you again. That state of “not knowing” is where everything comes from.

Tantra is transformation. Infinite transformation. A flow state without resistance. With the confidence that you are already there.

It is the integration of Shiva and Shakti, male and female, mental and intuitive. It is a space where something new appears every moment and you do not stop surprising.

At first you can use a technique. Yoga can help you balance this polarity. And when the fruit is ripe, it detaches itself from the tree that has nourished it. He already has his seed. You already have the power itself.

When two opposing forces equilibrate, a third force is generated. That is the Holy Trinity. The son reborn and reinventing himself at every moment. The ego dissolves, surrenders. You remember the true meaning of eternity. What has neither beginning nor end. That is what you are. There you are riding your breath and embracing life. Every cell in you feels expansive.

If these words are unintelligible. It is that they are arriving, taking you to another space. Now.

I invite you to continue. Stalking the moment.

Om Paz

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