About Me

I grew up under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean bathing the Canary islands. A blend of cultures. Geographically Africa, politically Europe, and closer to Latin America culturally. I was soon interested in hypnosis and states of consciousness, and later on about eastern traditions. I learned from local healers, their capacity to align the body and enjoyed their good humor. Later on, I had an introduction to Shiatsu healing. Life drove me to graduate in Psychology at La Laguna University and specialize as Master in Clinical and Health Psychologist in 2005 in Granada, where I completed the Clinical Specialty at the AEPC (Spanish Association of Behavioral Psychology) practicing with feeding disorders. Meanwhile studying Anthropology at Granada University and UNED. In those days I began the Yoga practice learning Tantra at Escuela Vedica with Swami Shankaratilakananda. These teachings gave me a wider understanding of true wisdom and my whole being resonated in blissful states never before experienced. I studied a form of dynamic and energetic yoga called Vyayam Yoga and Traditional Hatha Yoga. I also joined several seminars about Tantra, numerology, life and death, meditation… These experiences inspired me to a pilgrimage for wisdom all over India for half a year and Thailand in 2010 in Self-discovery. I was blessed to join the Kumbh Mela, the largest concentration of yogis in a festival with ritual bathing in the Holy Ganges. Studied Yoga and Philosophy with Swami Dharmanand at Ved Niketam Ashram in Rishikesh. Aiming for full Yoga experience I traveled learning Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Thai-massage and Healing.
It was on my second trip to India that I could study with Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand the healing science of ancient Rishis known as Cosmic healing and followed these teachings all around the globe attending seminars in London, Austria, or South Africa.



(Anahata )

I included dance as an instrument for liberation after deep freedom tantric dance with Swami Akash . This experience of awakening the divinity within through movement touched me deeply. So I participated in workshops of Biodance, Vital Dance, Contact Improvisation, 5 Rhythms, circle and dervish dance to explore and share this medicine in several Dance Therapy workshops. In 2013 I trained in the Ayurvedic Panchakarma detox process with Dr. Nayana Rao, from Udupi, India. Organizing several retreats and teachings on Ayurveda, abhyangam and shirochampi massage. Other experiences with wisdom keepers like Don Chabelo, Huichol Indian, and especially with Abuela Margarita and Carlos Jesus Castillejos from Toltec tradition, introduced me into native American wisdom. Finally recognizing one and the same source. In 2014 I trained in Biogestalt therapy and group dynamics with the Instituto Biogestalt, directed by Antonio Asin and Maria Zubicaray. Learning bioenergetic character body reading, holotropic breathing and rebirthing therapy, art therapy, and other techniques.
My greatest gift is to have the guidance of the Shiv Yog linage in my path for kundalini and healing sciences and eternal gratitude to His Holiness Dr. Avdhoot Baba Shivanad. Recognized by several governmental institutions from India or USA  for his contributions to Integrative Medicine. Educating medical professionals in the ancient science of Shiv Yog, awakening the dormant healing powers within everyone, and revealing the science beyond science that integrates body, mind, and soul. My intention is to work to inspire people in their path. For healing and awareness. My Curriculum

Our Team

ARUPA - Fire Woman, Sivananda Yoga teacher


Fire Woman, Sivananda Yoga teacher

She is a free soul and my inspiring mate walking the path of Unconditional Love. This yogini left home to learn yoga since her youth in India. Originally from Czech Republic she has followed her heart to a wild self-encounter. With vision quests, dark retreats, Vipassana, Toltec teachings and also sharing the path of true spirituality of Shiv Yog. This “Fire woman” (guardian of the sacred fire for the temazcal ceremonies) will lead you with her melodious voice into heart expansion.

CHETAN ERBE - Dance therapyst

Chetan Erbe

Dance therapist

Fully immersed in Contact Improvisation Dance since 1999, Chetan is creating a space for free expression through movement. He is more than a dance therapist. Trained in Pedagogy in Germany, where he comes from, his quest has led him to explore theater, martial arts, and Tibetan pulse healing. He is simply Authentic. + info: http://wp.dance-tribe-healing.de/

Ona Kaban

Medicine woman and Tensegrity teacher

A very rooted woman from Brazil, who shares the “shamanic” wisdom of the elements. She guides the Temazcal ceremonies (sweat-lodge) as medicine to remember that we are dreaming this big dream we call Life. She masters the art of Kahlay or Toltec magical movements to become aware of our essence.

ONA KABAN - Medicine woman and Tensegrity teacher

Simona & Giosue

Permaculture garden and veg. cook

This beautiful couple from Italy is adding a quality touch to our meals with organic products collected from their own garden. With a lot of love and care, they also invite us to visit their permaculture farm and see the result of love to mother earth. With local production of honey, herbs, and veggies.

BARBARA STUMP - Spiritual healer

Barbara Stump

Spiritual healer

Gifted with the talent of spine healing, she has mastered the spiritual healing to align the spine without touching the patients; Barbara also uses Craneo-Sacral therapy to give a full treatment that makes people almost float in the air. She shares “From chanting into stillness”, a mantra singing workshop to enter in a circle of joy and presence.

ANNA DELIA MARINO - Aquahara water therapyst

Anna Delia Marino

Aquahara water therapist

Anna has her roots in Calabria and has experience of detox clinic from Tepoztlan, where she worked combining medical meditation, hatha yoga, kundalini, visualization, and contact with the senses and elements. Her specialty is water therapy, Aquahara, a guided journey for healing and regeneration on a physical, mental and emotional level. Special movements into the pool induce deep relaxation and teach us to flow. Unique healing manifests during the session with holistic wellness and relief.

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