Inner smile and inner love: the entrance for higher levels of awareness

Have you noticed the beauty of the smile in the personality of Dalai Lama? Or maybe the natural smile of the kids when parents collect them from school?
Just by recalling these images a smile may show up in your face if you allow it.

Far beyond from the so called social smile, a genuine smile is having some profound effects and the power to transform any situation.
An authentic smile is having the capacity to open hidden doors of perception within us through the power of love. Just as we sing when we are in love. Also viceversa, through the power of singing the love can be awakened. Same is happening with the smile.

A genuine smile triggers the process of heart opening. Let us see how:
First of all, this smile comes from relaxation of the so many facial muscles. Undoing the social mask of the character the face is relaxed with some yoga for the eyes, forehead, jaws and full face. You can shake, tap, gesticulate and stretch till its full relaxation.
Next relax in an upright pose and become present of your breath. Make your lips smile lifting the outer corners of your mouth while doing the same with your eyes. Here is the secret. Smile with your eyes and with a full breath your chest area will expand.
Now your heart is smiling and with the practice you can learn to transfer the quality of the smile to any part of your body.

When you smile with your eyes, your pineal gland, the ruler of your endocrine system, gets activated and starts secreting the nectar of happiness. Take your time to feel connected with your breath. Keep on smiling with a lot of acceptance and love. Inner love awakening from the core of your heart center when you send the smile there. All your cells dancing with joy the dance of regeneration.

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