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Inner smile and inner love: the entrance for higher levels of awareness

Have you noticed the beauty of the smile in the personality of Dalai Lama? Or maybe the natural smile of the kids when parents collect them from school?
Just by recalling these images a smile may show up in your face if you allow it.

Far beyond from the so called social smile, a genuine smile is having some profound effects and the power to transform any situation.
An authentic smile is having the capacity to open hidden doors of perception within us through the power of love. Just as we sing when we are in love. Also viceversa, through the power of singing the love can be awakened. Same is happening with the smile.

A genuine smile triggers the process of heart opening. Let us see how:
First of all, this smile comes from relaxation of the so many facial muscles. Undoing the social mask of the character the face is relaxed with some yoga for the eyes, forehead, jaws and full face. You can shake, tap, gesticulate and stretch till its full relaxation.
Next relax in an upright pose and become present of your breath. Make your lips smile lifting the outer corners of your mouth while doing the same with your eyes. Here is the secret. Smile with your eyes and with a full breath your chest area will expand.
Now your heart is smiling and with the practice you can learn to transfer the quality of the smile to any part of your body.

When you smile with your eyes, your pineal gland, the ruler of your endocrine system, gets activated and starts secreting the nectar of happiness. Take your time to feel connected with your breath. Keep on smiling with a lot of acceptance and love. Inner love awakening from the core of your heart center when you send the smile there. All your cells dancing with joy the dance of regeneration.

The Healing Experience

The healing experience comes when you open up to life. To your deep truth. To offer your gifts.

It is nothing that requires effort. It is spontaneous when you are present.

Does it take an effort for your lungs to inhale the air they breathe? When the silent void fills them with thirst, thirst calls into the air. As when in the meditative emptiness your divine inspiration comes to mark the next step to follow in your pilgrimage of offering. When you ask yourself what are the gifts that make you special. What is the gift you give to the world.

There. Right there, you become a pilgrim of the Dharma. Living the way of the heart. Living your loving vision of this planetary existence.

Who is a yogui?

By Paramhansa Yogananda (East-West, January 1926)

“Not a sword-swallower, crystal gazer, or snake charmer, but one who knows the scientific psycho-physical technique of uniting the matter-bound body and soul with their source of origin, the Blessed Spirit.

He is a Yogi who says:

‘I shall go within

To bring Thee without

Where I am Thou must come.’

Such an enlightened one dives deep within the soul thru meditation, and brings God-realization without to apply it in worldly life. He is a Yogi who acts for all, and not he who shirks activity or is a fugitive from the battle of life. If we all go to the forest, we will have to build a city there and face the problems of life just the same.

A business man, literary man, artist, musician, laborer, or king; all can be Yogis, if they so choose. A Yogi aspires to know the Spirit through living according to the spiritual laws of life, thru renunciation of all material fruits of success and by devoting such fruits to the good of all. Such a man as the Hershey chocolate king, who has given his entire fortune of eighty millions to a school, and now works in his own factory, has accomplished renunciation equal to that of great saints.

We must struggle to attain success and have the broadening experiences of life. Many would-be Yogis say, ‘My wife died, I lost my wealth; hence I will forsake everything and become a hermit.’ Why, they have nothing to forsake! Such sacrifice is not real. It is the renunciation of the fruits of successful action, the translation of selfish ambition into selfless service for all, that is true sacrifice.”

Amaroli. The medicine is within you

Amaroli or Shivambu Kalpa are yogic methods to regain perfect health.

This ancient practice now known as urine-therapy is practiced in secret by the yoguis, not only from India, but by other spiritual practitioners across the globe espiritual traditions.

Basically the urine is used as a regenerator.

This water of life, as some call it, is composed of water, hormones, enzymes and trace elements that can be retrieved for complete absorption. Also, urine works as a homeopathie or vaccine as it contains inactive invaders of the body.

The recommendations from the Damar Tantra, text from His Holiness Shankaracharya of Dwarka, are:

Collect the precious liquid in a vessel of clay
Avoiding spicy ingredients and salt on a light diet
Early morning collect the urine mid-stream. Discarding the first and last.
Shivambu is a divine nectar able to stop aging and other conditions
Wash face and mouth with clean water and then drink urine willingly
After a month the body is clean inside
after two months invigorates the senses
three months away sufferings and miseries
six months, displayed exceptional intelligence
seven months extraordinary strength
eight months, the body looks bright
ten months the treasure of intelligence and lucidity received
after a year, it takes n glow like the sun
with years of practice mastering the elements and overcome the ego
While urine is collected is recited: “Om Namah Bhairavaya Rhim Klim”
While baby is recited: “Om Namah Uddamaneshwaraya shrim Klim”
As urine passes “Sarvam Om Namah Sristhi Prabhae Rudraya” is recited
Boiling the urine until three quarters evaporate can be used to massage the entire body. Thus the yogi can overcome death.

All details of the practice is in the original text of “Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi” in the Damar Tantra. So also in these recommended books:

Guía práctica de la terapia urinaria, Coen den var Kroon
The water of Life, John W. Armstrong

Overcoming apathy

Apathy is a belief in a phrase “I can’t”. When someone thinks that nobody can help. This results in hopelessness, helplessness, pessimism, carelessness, confusion, isolation, loneliness, as well as in felling of emptiness inside you.

Apathy helps us to learn how to ask about help from other people. In a hopeless situation it always seems that nobody can help you.

More or less, apathy sometimes appears in different aspects of our lives. This is called a lack of life energy, when your mind is busy with such thoughts as: “This won’t work”, “I’m not ready”, “I’ve forgot”, “I’m too busy”.

To overcome apathy we should look into unconscious aspects of our lives. If you turn “I can’t” into “I don’t want to”, you will see the real reasons which have created this situation. In fact, there is no such thing which we can’t do.

Behind the phrase “I don’t want to” usually hides fear. But fear has much more energy than apathy. Therefore, fear can help us to become more courageous in relation to apathy.

In overcoming apathy process we should have courage to look in a face of our fear. Understanding of your own significance increases your self-esteem. This gives us even more energy to overcome our problems with confidence. Thanks to this, we learn compassion and the ability to encourage others by sharing our own experience.

We should remember that behind every “I can’t” there is always “I don’t want to” and this hides the fear of failure, shame or pride. It can also be anger to yourself or other circumstances caused by pride. We should overcome fear with the help of courage and love to yourself.

Apathy and depression are the results of resistance with something that is inside us. An inner voice urges us to evolve this instinct. But everyone has its’ own path and its’ own destiny. What they will choose depends only from them.

Karmic healing. Purify awareness

God is “nirguna-nirakaar”, without qualities and formless. Pure light. Our primordial essence. The ocean of unmanifested consciousness . From there the manifest and unmanifested universe was created.

The primary light is an inexhaustible source with infinite intelligence and a yogui or a mystic learns through intense meditation (sadhana) and multiple discipline (tapas), guided by the grace of his Guru, to capture that essential energy to create . Hence the mystical powers of food multiplication or miracle cures.

In these times of clarity we are living of the galactic dawn, after a long period of darkness and ignorance (avidya), some teachers have the immense task of healing humanity.

I feel very privileged to share this grace and the gift received from my beloved Guru, Baba Avdhoot Shivanandji to whom i am infinitely grateful, for showing me the joyful path of awakening and giving me the means of leaving any misery to betray me to my infinite potentiality.

The Guru has bestowed upon me the grace of Sanjevani. Healing energy able to resolve karmic debts that keep us tied to endless cycles of cause and effect where as in a macabre film we perform victim and perpetrator and vice versa.

In the healing session, Sanjevani Shakti (energy healing)intelligence is unlocking the inconscious factors that persists in the form of negativity installed in any of our subtle bodies (etheric, astral, causal and supracausal).

When the pure Light of God (our true nature) through the filters of the subtle bodies, states and condenses this information into the dense third dimensional reality, our physical body and our daily reality is manifesteds. In this way, a lock on the free flow of energy can be condensed into a pathology in the physical body,or a block at the level of relationships, success or finance to name a few examples.

Sanjevani Shakti brings light to those negative patterns that are called psychic impressions, bringing them to consciousness where they are processed and released, allowing it to again reset the free energy flow. To unlocks at the root level, the source, brings release to psychosomatic diseases.

Physical sensations, images or other perceptions where you access the subconscious material (which represents more than 96% of our self-knowledge compared to 4% of the conscious mind) come up.

During the practice of healing the patient begins to make a circular breathing, breathing known as “beyond life and death” where the pauses between inhalation and exhalation are removed. This creates a pattern that allows the rational mind, one that functions in continuous and linear space-time, gradually ceased its activities to transit the eternal present where everything happens here and now. In this dimension, psychic impressions emerge and the conditions that cause undesirable situations manifest in the present moment to be released.

Meanwhile the therapist or healer is empowering via mantra chanting, the purest vibration, the Guru’s grace. Light higher vibration (Sanjeevani Shakti). This raises its primordial creative energy (kundalini), from individual consciousness to the field of cosmic consciousness, where healing is possible.

Through this sacred practice can be resolved situations that medical science fails to understand or give partial solutions. genetic diseases (responding to a shared family karma), autoimmune disorders or allergies, fertility problems, level locks relations where anger and unforgiveness are present or even short-sightedness or myopia among other cases.

Healing is more powerful in the physical presence of the healer as this can give precise instructions during the course of the session. Instead the constraints of third dimension, space and time are no limitations for the energy taht moves freely in the ocean of consciousness. That’s why you can perform distance healing.

Perfect health is our birthright.

The reward of a yogi

When the fruits of practice come, one can not but marvel at life.

We practice yoga because we love to be in close contact with life through our bodies and breathing. Because we want to be well present in the joyful exchange of life between beings. And of course the fruits appear.

The reward of this humble Yogi devoted to daily practice is to witness the sanction of the being who brought me into the world. Yes, my mother.

Since she came to live with me eight months ago she has lived a transformation day by day filled with joy the daily sharing not only with me and her grandson, but surprising everyone who has seen its process (now it is she who provides me Of new clients in the light of their example). He has left behind physical limitations and “non-powers”, his old life in the twilight of a parasitic relationship and even a psychosomatic illness that had dragged for 13 years.

Seeing her every morning enjoying the practice is a gift that inspires me. With the sound of the background mantras and after taking care of the many plants in the home and preparing a good morning tea for all, he gives himself to explore the dynamics of his body in the asanas and exercises.

Thanks to life for the infinite blessings.

Al la ho

Tantra It …

Modern society is very attracted to Tantra. They are thinking, what is the next thing that is going to come to get me out of my routine ?, what am I going to enjoy now? And then the mind makes a journey through some experience of ecstasy and wants to repeat it. We have been told that Tantra gives that state. It really is that way. But if you approach tantra with this view from the mind, you’re going to be chasing the rabbit through the burrow as Alice in Wonderland totally confused.

It is very easy to be confused by the anxious mind of experiences. When, true tantra, is happening now as you read these lines.

Take a break. You’ll see what’s left …

If you’ve waited long enough your mind will tell you that you have not found anything. Empty. To that we can call it a fertile vacuum. It is the space where only you are. More authentic. More conscious.

Maybe you still can not understand it. It’s what your mind will tell you again. That state of “not knowing” is where everything comes from.

Tantra is transformation. Infinite transformation. A flow state without resistance. With the confidence that you are already there.

It is the integration of Shiva and Shakti, male and female, mental and intuitive. It is a space where something new appears every moment and you do not stop surprising.

At first you can use a technique. Yoga can help you balance this polarity. And when the fruit is ripe, it detaches itself from the tree that has nourished it. He already has his seed. You already have the power itself.

When two opposing forces equilibrate, a third force is generated. That is the Holy Trinity. The son reborn and reinventing himself at every moment. The ego dissolves, surrenders. You remember the true meaning of eternity. What has neither beginning nor end. That is what you are. There you are riding your breath and embracing life. Every cell in you feels expansive.

If these words are unintelligible. It is that they are arriving, taking you to another space. Now.

I invite you to continue. Stalking the moment.

Om Paz

Crazier than a shaman

A shaman will tell you that what you have been considering as impossible can be real. People go to a shaman because they want to change their reality. There is something that is causing them discomfort. A disease, a relationship, a work situation … Some aspect of their reality where they feel they can not stand it anymore have found a limitation. Naga-baba

The shaman is a madman. He is the one who believes that another reality is possible. Deep in his being no one understands. But he does not care. He does not really care about anything. He knows that there is nothing to understand or anyone to understand. He is committed to the abyss. He knows that emptiness from where any reality is possible. And if you approach him with humility, it is possible that he gives you that new reality that you want to experience. That is his power.

It’s a power we all have. Usually asleep. It is the quality of existence. We have to wake up.

Dare to be a shaman. Invite you to be a madman. Osho was crazy, Gurdieff was crazy, Jesus was crazy. His madness made them eternal