Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about retreats

Those attending our programs are people around the age of 25 to 65. There are usually more women than men, and some may have had some experience with yoga before and others are completely beginners. They all have an interest in life, willing to have fun and share an enhancing experience.
Find your flight to Tenerife South Airport (TFS). It is an international airport with direct connections from many European cities. Google Flights is one of the best search engine for that. From the airport you will be picked up from a meeting point for the transfer. In the case that you are arriving very late or in a different day, a taxi is only €45 to Alcalá.
Yes, you can stay. Just ask for availability. The extra night  is €80 for accommodation only, so meals are not included out of the program as the chef will not be there.
The walks are moderate in difficulty and have a duration of two hours approximately. The assistance is optional and part of our free time together. So under your responsibility consider your capacity to join as you can stay in the venue if you prefer to rest. We always recommend participation in all activities to promote the integration in the group and to enjoy any spontaneous workshop offered, as we also do outdoor practices.
We will have a nutritious diet with fresh local products. It is mainly vegetarian diet, with vegan choice. Our menu is including eggs and goat dairy products. There will be fruits, nuts and herbal teas available all the time. This food helps invigorate the body, providing regeneration and vitality. If someone has some specific needs in the diet like gluten or lactose intolerance, we do our best to satisfy your needs.
Sunscreen, personal hygiene items, swimsuit, beach towel, comfortable natural clothing for yoga practice, socks, walking shoes, backpack to walk empty hands and carry the provided picinc with you, water bottle to refill, meditation shawl to cover yourself during sitting practices or relaxation, your own yoga mat if you can easily bring it and lots of enthusiasm and openness to experience.
We will have a family atmosphere with groups up to 12 participants. In the case of a small group, we can adapt the program to guarantee a proper flow and to avoid cancellation or modification in your planned trip.

FAQs about consultations

The estimated time for a session is 90 minutes. This is the length of time when we can keep full attention and take advantage of the content of the session.
Is the art of listening that goes beyond dialogue. Becoming aware of the message of the body and bringing posotivity to thoughts and emotions. We will use the body work, role play, breathing, massage, exercises and analysis methods to broaden your vision. Realize and remove barriers to ease the way. It is a spontaneous and creative experience to harmonize body, mind and soul.
You make your own pace and decide how much energy you want to put on opening up and discovering yourself. We try to solve the conflict as soon as possible. Wellness is a fine dynamic balance, which requires care and attention to stay. When that balance is broken you’ll have better tools to retrieve it.
It is a space for listening, reflection and understanding. For creating the conditions to express personal needs from a healthy communication. At couple consultations, both partners are interviewed by the therapist, together and separately. We learn to negotiate and find solutions through agreement to benefit all.
Call or write wassap message to +34636031139. You can also mail to adaygarcia@yogaentenerife.com. I will respond as soon as possible and look for suitable meeting. You can also fill the contact form or send an email.
I am very flexible, in morning time and afternoons. Also weekends may be possible too. Make your proposal and we will arrange for the meeting.
Yes, we do a family therapy, in order to restore harmony in the family. This therapy works with one person or with the whole family. Resolving personal conflicts, that enable the entire family system to work properly. When the focus of the problem is identified, we find the elements that hold the problem and then strategies for working together in order to find a solution.
Children’s’ problems are usually familiar to us. As the family is the basement for the kid, it often contributes to the solution. We work to identify these characteristics, bring awareness and providing the tools for transformation. By doing a family therapy children’s’ problems are getting solved.

FAQs about yoga classes

You should be dressed in comfortable clothes which will allow you to move. Preferably, clothes should be made of natural materials, such as cotton. If you have your own yoga mat, take it with you. Mobile phone and jewelry better not to bring.
Yes, beginners are welcomed. Stand in the back of the hall, so you can see the whole group. Take care and listen to your body giving special attention to your breath. First and foremost, you need to learn how to breathe properly and smoothly.
You can come 15 minutes before the beginning of class and start with relaxation or warming up. It’s great to have time away from everyday life. If the teacher has not arrived yet, make yourself comfortable in the hall and enjoy the peace and silence of the place.
It is important to come to yoga class with an empty stomach. 2 hours after last meal or one hour after eating some fruits. You should drink enough water and avoid coffee or any other drugs for the practice.
If you have any special condition let the teacher know so that suitable advice is given. The yoga practice can be adecuated to all stages of pregnancy.
Contact us beforehand to give you the indications on how to find us.
Yoga is for all ages. However, the classes we do are aimed at adults over 14 years. Older people should consider their physical condition and be cautious not to go beyond their limitations, especially if it’s their first time.
You are always welcomed to try the class and see whether you feel comfortable with the teacher or not. The test class must be paid as a single class. In case you want to continue practicing, you can pay the monthly fee. See our prices.
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