Psychology & Therapies


I offer you my hand and experience to overcome suffering.

Open up for peace, health, strength, and happiness in your life.

I go along with you to overcome these obstacles:



(Anahata )

  • From depression into aliveness.
  • From anxiety into peace.
  • From stress to responsibility and strength.
  • From fears to courage.
  • From mourning to acceptance and forgiveness
  • From sexual dysfunctions to enjoyment
  • Couples therapy for balance and wellbeing
  • From confusion to clarity.
  • Resolve psychosomatic disorders into health
  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-care and love.
  • From insecurities into confidence.
  • From panic into Trust
  • From post-traumatic stress to letting go and safety

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The therapy:

If you feel the need for therapy, it is because you have recognized in your life, the moment for change. Congratulations on having the courage to face it.

With the experience and tools of a therapist, this path becomes easier.

Let’s get clarity in your life. Coping with dedication and confidence the challenges.


Recover your inner power to solve your situation with clarity. Certain breathing exercices will allow you to gain this clarity and restore your power.

Managing the relationship you have with your body. From food, rest, exercise or pleasure. Analyzing the messages your body emits through nonverbal expression and symptoms.

Assess and improve your belief system and subliminal messages you tell yourself every day.

Using emotions as a guide that leads you gently on your path. You open yourself to experience this internal communication.

When the analysis requires it, we use regression to release muscle and cell-contained emotional memory.

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Guia de Isora: c/Montaña de Samara 17

Online and Home services are also on request

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