Breathing the life: Group session of Connected Breathing

The practice of Renaissance (rebirthing) is a gift to humanity. A directed and connected breathing that leads to an inner journey using a musical accompaniment. Its benefits are at all levels: the physical body debugged, cleaning limiting beliefs and healing emotions to connect with the soul purpose.
In these collective sessions culminate with a group integration with the use of art therapy with mandala.

Digestive System Detox. Yoguic purification “Shank-prkshalan”

A deep and safe cleansing of the intestines is done under guidance. The method involves gradual intake of lightly salty water so that is not absorbed by the intestines, combined with especific movements to allow the water to flow. During the practice an evacuation process starts until all intestinal residues are eliminated. Inmediatly after, a preparation of rice and lentils is given to restore the inner lubrification. The result is a light body, shiny skin and eyes and a balance mood that will stop the craving for food substituted by deep peace.

Kriya Yoga and Meditation

These intensive yoga sessions are aimed at balancing your energy system easier to enter and deep in meditation. We use kriya yoga practices to open and balance the channels. To feel the force of vital energy (prana). Guided meditation takes you to the experientialunderstanding of the dimensions of consciousness. Aimed at practitioners of yoga and meditation.

Conscious Dance Celebration

If you are not a regular student of this class, please confirm your attendance.
These regular dance workshops are designed to empower you with the expressive force. The opposite of depression is expression. And from the expression we move into joy. Come and enjoy your body, music. A delight with space. We will be exploring various forms of dance and movement expression … Creating a meeting place. ¡Welcome!

Contact Improvisation Dance

This workshop is an invitation to explore a space for free movement and expression. A melodious and harmonic enviroment is created to open the natural flow in the movement. Guiding appropiate exercises to integrate male and female movements in us.

The session starts with a guided warm up and then suggested exercises to tune into the body language for about one hour or more. Latter on, the invitation is to keep on exploring through the dance while a selected music is being played for one more hour or untill the natural flow leads the group into a meditative state. To end up the session with gratitude to our bodies and the inspired moment.


The native-american sweat-lodge is a full ceremony of purification with the elements. The stones (abuelas/grandmas) are heated in the fire and we seat in the Inipi to sweat all the impurities out while joyfully singing the medicine songs. It is a sacred space prepared as the Mother`s womb inseminated by the Fire/Father where being born again and reconect with the inocense and purity within us. A ceremony to forgive. To offer our gratitude to our mother and father for their ovulo and sperm. A celebration of Life coming together.

This ceremony has rejuvenative effects by activating the inmune system and working as a deep detox.

Mantra workshop “From chanting into stillness

If we get into the power of the songs, there can be created a deep connection in the circle and also to the divine source. Often a deep feeling of presence and stillness appears out of the chanting.

We are singing mainly indian Bhajans and Kirtans, but also songs from other spiritual traditions from all over the world.

Everybody can sing because singing is the expression of love and love is what we are. The more we sing, the more we attain this realization.

Dynamic meditations

These series of meditations combining movements, dance and stillness coming from Osho are excellent to empty the wandering mind and let go of many old emotinos stored in the body. They promote a connection with mother earth or rooting and the perception of the flow of energy. There are different practices called Dynamic, kundalini, nataraj, nadabrahma… to let go of unwanted negativities, awake the energy, entering in the flow of life and to become aware of the bliss inside us as the cosmic silence.

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