Yoga week Mother Earth Medicine



This is a week to learn and practice how to walk in balance on Mother Earth. Learning the ancient science of yoga. The yoga of the immortals. To set us on the path of perfect health, wisdom, and success (more than flying high, to fly free). Filled with relaxation, deep healing meditations, healthy food, time in nature, and guidance for an inspired and fulfilling life.

What will you get:

  • Everyday Yoga and Chi kung lessons
  • Excursions to the most beautiful spots in Tenerife
  • Stay at an environmental and therapeutic resort with a healing tradition
  • Ancient and approachable techniques for deep meditation
  • Lots of fun
  • Healing ceremonies from Mother Earth Medicine (sweat lodge and dances)
  • Guidance from highly experienced and qualified professionals.
  • Local guides discover the natural and cultural heritage of Tenerife
  • Healthy and natural nourishment to restore and increase vitality.
  • Fresh air, forest baths, swimming in the ocean, and pristine nature in Tenerife

We stay at Vereda Arcoiris, located in the mountains west of Tenerife island, 3 km from Vilaflor town. A piece of forest in pristine nature with cave houses, pine forest, camping site, sweat lodge, chill-out areas, and farm.

Vereda Arcoiris has 20 years of tradition with mother earth’s medicine. Holding groups for vision quests, detox, sun and rain dances, and guiding for overall freedom. We have a farm with 3 donkeys, 20 goats, and hens that provide us with fresh milk and cheese, eggs, and moreover the supporting presence of animal life.

Birds singing, eagles circle flying above our heads and guarding a place free from any intoxicants. Only natural enhancement of our joy and gratitude with all the blessings of pure nature.

Our resort is 35 minutes drive from Tenerife South airport, 25 minutes from El Medano beach, and 20 minutes to Teide National Park.


Accommodation facilities

We can accommodate up to 20 guests and even more in the next facilities:

1. Casa Retiro: two rooms (one double and one with twin beds) with a private bathroom

2. Cave house: two double beds with an open-air bathroom.

3. Dome dormitory: Geodesical common dorm with 8 or 10 beds

4. Camping site: Available individual or compartmented tents provided with mattresses.

Other facilities:

  • Large wooden platform practice hall
  • Big cave for meditation and concerts
  • Sweat-lodge “Inipi” tent
  • Bathrooms with hot shower
  • Sacred dance circle
  • Table tennis
  • Animal Farm with donkeys, goats, hens, turtle
  • Vegetable and fruit trees garden
  • Kitchen
  • Library and school
  • Forest and ravine with natural caves and climbing spots
  • Wifi on request


In our programs, we create a family environment to discover the jewel hidden within each of us, the seed of divinity.
We are learning the ancient science of the yoga of immortals, on how to keep your body fully healthy and recover from any disbalance. The yogic wisdom on how to raise your consciousness through meditation and release the obstacles on your path.


  • Teachings on inner mastery, breathwork, and healing science
  • Guided Meditation sessions for Self-awakening
  • Emotional and mental detox for balance and peace
  • Ceremonies to receive Mother Earth’s medicine
  • Daily yoga lessons from different styles
  • Hiking trails to merge with nature and connect with the elements
  • Healthy vegetarian meals
  • 7 nights accommodation

Yoga Holidays day-to-day program

Day 1

*16:00 Reception and accommodation
*17:00 Roundtable, briefing, and presentations
*18:00 Dinner and welcoming fire

Day 2

*08:30 Morning walk and sunrise greetings
*09:30 Yogasanas and breathwork
*11:00 Brunch
*13:00 Thai-yoga massage workshop
*15:00 Integrative group gestalt dinamic
*18:00 Evening vyayam warrior meditative yoga
*19:00 Dinner
*20:00 Fire gathering and storytelling

Day 3

*08:30 Herbal tea. Morning walk and sunrise greetings
*09:30 Yoga and meditation (introducing the different healing levels day by day)
*11:00 Brunch
*12:30 Excursion with a picnic outside, hike, and beach
*17:30 Heart chakra dance meditation
*19:00 Dinner
*20:00 Fire gathering and creative circle and songs

Day 4

*08:30 Herbal tea. Morning walk and sunrise greetings
*09:30 Yoga or Chi kung and Om-Shiva Kundalini meditation
*11:00 Brunch
*12:30 Free time (rest, visit around, massages and therapies)
*16:30 Sweat-lodge ceremony
*19:00 Dinner
*20:00 Fire gathering and billion stars introduction

Day 5

*08:30 Sungazing
*9:30 Kriya yoga and meditation (introducing the different healing levels day by day)
*11:00 Brunch
*12:00 Excursion with practice on the beach
*19:00 Dinner
*20:30 Percussion and ethnic songs workshop around the fire

Day 6

*08:30 Yoga class, pranayama, and rebirthing group healing session or cacao ceremony
*11:00 Brunch
*12:00 Free time
*13:30 Laughing medicine workshop
*17:00 Nidra yoga and Nada Yoga for astral traveling and recognition of the primordial sound
*19:00 Dinner
*20:30 Gratitude sharing circle

Day 7

*08:30 Morning offering ceremony
*9:30 Yoga and healing practices in couples
*11:00 Brunch
*11:30 Excursion
*17:00 Static dance medicine
*19:00 Dinner
*20:00 Closing ceremony (music and sharing around the fire)

Day 8

*08:30 Yoga Flow and Tandav meditation (movement meditation practice to enter into the natural rhythm of cosmic dance raise vital energy and release emotional tension)
*10:00 Breakfast-brunch
*11:00 Free time and farewell


A nutritive and healthy brunch after morning practice and a light picnic lunch to take with us will give us the freedom to make excursions, spend the day on the beach or enjoy as we prefer. We will have a delicious vegetarian menu by our excellent cook. Also, fruits and drinks will always be available at all times. Let us know if you have any allergies or intolerances. We will make our best to prepare the appropriate meals for you.

  • Trekking in Montaña Pelada natural reserve and beach.
  • Teide national park, volcanic land hike.
  • A visit to the sacred tree “Pino Gordo” and the Lunar landscape
  • Natural Pools by the sea in Abrigos or La Jaca
  • A visit to El Medano town and beach (windsurf paradise) and hiking to Montaña Roja

The deeper benefits of this retreat

  • Enter into your natural space of peace and easiness
  • Learn to connect with the divinity within you
  • Take the path of inner discovery and healing
  • Explore the yogic science of awakening
  • Empower the temple of your physical body

You have a body, this body is not you
You have a mind, this mind is also not you

You are the master, the healer, the Soul. Learn this and the entire Universe is at your feet.

Come and learn with us the science for perfect health, abundance, and holistic wellbeing

Learn to connect with the divinity, ever truthful essence that guides you, and feel at home with yourself

Our program is designed to take you into a deep understanding of yogic science and guide you through an inner discovery.

My personal intention is to transmit this flame that has been awakened within me so that you shine as the carrier of divine light. Providing happiness, healing, and peace all around wherever you are.

If you feel the call for such a purposeful awakening for the benefit of all humanity, please join us.


  • A week from 21st till  28th May 2023
  • A week from 10th to 17th June 2023
  • A week from 19th to 26th August 2023


Week Yoga & Mother Earth Medicine of 7 nights, 8 days:

  • 675€ – shared dorm in Dome (8 to 10 participants dorm) or tent 1 person
  • 885€ – shared room in Cave house (two big beds for 2 participants) price per person
  • 1085€ – shared room in Casa Retiro (two big beds for 2 participants) price per person


  • All yoga classes, lessons, and workshops
  • All meals (brunch and dinner main meals and salad picnic or fruits during the day)
  • Fruit and teas are available 24 hours
  • Accommodation
  • Use of internet facilities and common areas
  • Programmed excursions during free time


  • Individual therapies (massage and personalized treatments available on request)
  • Flight tickets (find your flight to Tenerife South airport and we will make our best to give you a lift on the first and last day of our program)


Request more information and availability in the next link. Booking is made with a deposit of 250€ per participant by bank transfer refundable until 25 days before the beginning of the program. Once you make the payment you will receive a confirmation with your booking details. The rest of the payment will be made on arrival.

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